Thursday, April 8, 2010

Another Portrait Session

Children's Portrait Session - March 2010

This was supposed to be a family portrait session with my niece and her family, but due to a scheduling conflict the whole family didn't make it and it turned into a portrait session for the three children, ages 3mo, 8yrs and 10yrs old.

In preparation for the shoot I went to the fabric store and bought a 10'W x 15'L piece of white muslin to serve as my new backdrop. After hanging it I stretched it out on the floor and taped it down with painters tape to try to avoid wrinkles. I placed two strobes to light up the background and used two additional strobes with 42" shoot through umbrellas to light the subjects.

It was an enjoyable and relaxing shoot. Part of the reason was that I was set up in my own space and that I knew the subjects very well. So here are a few of the photos.

I decided to process these with a high key look. I think it works well with this set, although some may disagree. If you have any comments, one way or the other, I'd like to hear them.

And, that's all I have to say about that.

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